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About Us

Founder’s message

Welcome to Exatec Group!
Exatec Group is a team of professionals sharing skills and values. Our 20 years of experience allowed us to create strong links with more than 100 countries, from various continents and various cultures, transforming our business relations into relationships of trust, sometimes into friendship.

Our commitment by your side is not limited to supply the best solution at the best price. We want to help.
To help your business by being proactive and creative for your success of tomorrow. To help economic development and financial inclusion by accompanying geographical zones and actors with low budget. To help Humanity by contributing to education and fight for literacy. To help our planet by sparing its resources.
You understood it, I share with the team of Exatec Group the passion to serve and to accompany our customers in the world. Many thanks for the chance to work together and to go, with you, beyond the basic business.

Yours Truly,

Thierry Boucard

Company profile

Established in 2000 and based in the French Riviera, Exatec Group provides innovative hardware, software and services that empower financial transactions globally. We serve 109 countries and enable more than one million transactions daily. Our activity ranges across ATM and spare parts sales, training and support services, and offering financial software solutions that enable our customers to get more for their money. Through these offerings, clients optimize the use of their financial terminals, grow their account base, monetize customer interactions, and improve management and fleet efficiency while helping to differentiate them in a growingly competitive market.
These objectives combined with a deep commitment to design and deploy technologies that will help improve quality of life across the planet fuels the innovative hardware and software solutions that we bring to life. Our software suite perfectly integrates our terminal management, card management, ATM and POS application, and monitoring solution to reduce system cost, expand value added services base, and improve visibility for our partners. Alongside, our sales of new and refurbished ATMs, spare parts program, and support services help provide high quality, cost-efficient alternative solutions to our partners.
We hope to help you accomplish similar goals with your next project!






Our Mission

Supporting economic development through expanding financial inclusion for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Our Vision

We offer tailor-made solutions for unique clients, from the smallest partners to the biggest players.

Social and economic development

As a pioneer in our industry, we aspire to be the best model citizen possible. This drives our commitment to use our services to help global economies and societies move forward. Through our solutions, we apply microeconomic practices to drive macroeconomic changes and development.  With this approach we are able to empower individuals in small and large countries to implement business models and strategies that expand access to cash and thus powers social and economic evolution. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to help reduce poverty, improve literacy, and enhance quality of life across the communities that we touch.

Signs of a helping Hand

As a team, we are committed drive impactful changes across impoverished communities. CEO, Thierry Boucard, personally created the Crayons for Africa program in partnership with the Rotary Club to distribute educational tools in underdeveloped regions to help better sustain the progress of future generations.
 In partnership with existing clients, we are able to ship and distribute books and educational supplies across Africa. This has helped communities in priceless ways and we are only able to do this because of our continued business with clients like you. Thank you for your continued business and know that our partnership with you is directly touching the lives of Africa’s upcoming generations.

Your team

You have unique needs and we will only be effective in helping you when we understand you! Therefore, our primary goal is to be great listeners. From there, we try personalise each of our partnerships to better support you! At times, this may mean being flexible with payment terms or staying late to ensure your order leaves on time! Know that we are here to go the extra mile to help you help you customers!
Our associates speak six business languages to help support our wide portfolio of clients as our business becomes even more international.
From a support perspective, we serve as personal mentors, trainers, and consultant for you and your team to transfer our knowledge adequately to you and your team! In doing so, we hope to direct help grow your customer base and the confidence that you clients have in your business!
Allow us to serve as an extension of your team and bring forth logistical expertise, know-how, and a can do attitude to your business! In doing so, we aspire to always be available, respectful and proactive in our effort to serve you!  We thank you and look forward to working with you.