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Monimax 5800 /5800T - Monofunction


MXS800 is a brand-new cash dispenser offering highest availability and allowing flexibility in a broad range of services. In this model, you will find 5 cash out dispenser and you can store up to 3000 banknotes per cassette.

A 19inch multi-touch screen and intuitive user interface that enable a truly seamless omni chancel customer experience. Multiple customer authentification options including contactless and biometrics deliver consistency in channel experiences. Furthermore, the aesthetic design and ergonomic layout of the MX5800 will seize the moment of truth for consumers.

5800 5800T Hyosung

MX5800 is designed to provide reliability that is unequaled in the market with maximum uptime and minimum maintenance.

This ATM allows for easy future upgrades and module modifications. It delivers expanded functionality includes bill payment, funds transfer, and teller assist services for maximum efficiency and convenience.

The MX5800 pffers multi-layers of security features that defend against physical and logical attacks with a combination of multi-level anti-skimming, anti-shimming, anti-cash trapping, locked down operating system, white-listing, encryption and anti-jackpotting.

Features 5800

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