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Monimax 8600S /8600ST - Recycling


Monimax 8600S is designed to maximize flexibility that supports its deployment in a variety of strategic locations. Due to its compact footprint, it fits to diverse environments and is perfectly substitutive to legacy cash dispensers. Moreover, the slim and sleek design of Monimax 8600S enhances the space efficiency of the branch.

This ATM is engineered with reliability that proves highest availability and its optimal performance. Monimax 8600S is powered by the latest cash recycling technology as well as improved fraud prevention technology. Furthermore, Monimax 8600S helps financial institutions to increase the benefits of cash optimization in branch.The transit cassette available in the unit can offload and replenish the machine without exposing cash from the safe that improves efficiency and enhances security.

8600S 800ST Hyosung

Monimax 8600S is configured for greater  serviceability that reduces service frequency and lowers maintenance costs. Monimax 8600S offers better visibility and accessibility to units that make repair services easy and quick. Paired with Hyosung TNS monitoring software ‘Monimanager’, financial institutions enable to do more efficient preventive maintenance on their ATMs.

With 19” touch screen, the modern and sleek design of Monimax 8600S allows more intuitive user interface and effective marketing. Monimax 8600S presents great usability that fulfills transaction with ease and convenience by leveraging the latest technology such as contactless, biometric, mobile-payment, and so on. In addition, the Monimax 8600S green technology provides more value to customers and drives down costs.

Features 8600s 8600ST

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