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Buy back

Why partner with Exatec Group ?

Simply, discreetly, with your help, we are changing the lives of people around the world by facilitating financial inclusion. In partnership with many international banks and you, we are fulfilling our moral commitment to global economic development. This process begins with the renew of your aging ATMs in Menton, France, and most often ends with the installation in under-equipped countries and underserved areas with a high need for their populations.

Buy back : economy or ecology ? Both !

For the past 20 years, Exatec Group has bought ATMs from banks that were reducing or renovating their fleet. The refurbishing as spare parts or complete machines, gives a second life to all this equipment and reduces the environmental impact of their manufacture.

Beyond the ecological interest, our suppliers get a certain income when our clients simultaneously appreciate the excellent quality/price ratio.

Our process is so virtuous that many countries have adopted regulations pushing for more reuse in tenders as well as in maintenance. Let's amplify the movement and join us in our efforts for Human and the Planet!

Buyback process

Our purchases range from one unit to be withdrawn urgently to several hundred units planned over years. In the case of medium and long-term programs, the price will be set in advance, by trimester or by semester.

The most frequent operating procedure is as follows :

Agreement on buyback conditions, description of equipment, payment terms and logistics

Exatec Group takes care of the uninstallations or pick-ups

Coordination of tasks and logistics by Exatec Group

Delivery in Menton, France

Audit and acceptance report

Payment upon receipt

Treatment, recycling or renew in Menton, France

What is bought back

Exatec Group buys every year thousands of ATMs and spare parts such as :

• ATMsin all conditions
• Terminals
• Overstock of new and used parts
• Defective parts

Sustainable fleet management

You can give us all or part of the process of removal, treatment, destruction or reinstallation in parts or complete ATMs. Exatec Group drives the ATMs process, either on behalf of its clients or on its own account by including an offer to buy back all the uninstalled ATMs.

Reuse of ATMs and parts

A fleet of ATMs is not static. Some sites are closing, others are being created or enlarged. ATMs uninstalled after a first use can start a second life after refurbishing and upgrade by Exatec Group.

Beyond a second life as complete machine, some components can be picked and renewed for the maintenance and upgrade needs of the rest of the park. Our commitment is to work for your economic interest, in full transparency.

Our services include : :

1. Deinstallation of ATMs
2. Grouping on platform
3. Inventory listing
4. Transport to Exatec Group
5. Reception and audit of ATMs
6. Decision to recycle or renew
7. Dismantling of selected parts and ATMs
8. Renew according to our state of the art processes
9. Re-shipment for re-installation, upgrade or maintenance needs

On the cutting edge of innovation, with you

Our work has a significant impact on emerging countries and it is only through your confidence in our buyback process that we can work to promote financial inclusion. We thank you for your help and look forward to your continued support and cooperation in our efforts to help economic development around the world.