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Why Partner with Exatec Group ?

Because we make the process simple, hassle-free, and use your partnership to drastically change the lives of people across the world by expanding financial inclusion. In partnership with many major international banks and you, we are fulfilling our moral commitment to economic and global development. This process begins with the renovation of your aging ATM’s in Menton, France and often concludes with installation in developing and underserved countries in dire need of expanding access to cash to its population.

Empowering Circular Economy

Since 2000 Exatec Group has been specializing in the second-hand market of ATMs. We recycle and renew more than 2000 removed and end-of-life teller machines per year and have re-installed them across more than 100 countries. Our recycling and renovation process focuses heavily on the preservation of our planet and sparing of our natural resources. We adhere to CSR guidelines and apply selective sorting practices to ensure that your removed ATMs are properly revived, recycled or disposed. Thus the second life of machines begins and allows us to help change individual lives, governments, and countries. We hope that you will join us in our effort to continue doing so as your trusted repurchasing partner. Your corporation will truly help us get one step closer to global peace and prosperity!

The Process

  • Agreement on unit conditions, payment, and removal terms
  • Administration of uninstallation or collection by Exatec Group
  • Management of logistical coordination and tasks by Exatec
  • Receiving and refurbishment in Menton, France
  • Payment upon receiving in Menton, France

What is repurchased

  • ATMS in all conditions
  • Kiosks
  • Overstock of new and used parts
  • Defective parts

Driving Change with you

Our work is drastically impacting underserved countries and it is only because of your confidence in the repurchasing process that we can touch lives this way. We thank you for your trust and look forward to your continued support and partnership in our efforts to help alleviate poverty globally.
Recycled ATMs
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Recycled materials

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