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Exatec Group signs with Hyosung TNS


Exatec Group is very proud to announce its official distributor contract with Hyosung TNS,the Korean ATM manufacturer, number 3 in the world and number 1 in the USA.This contract targeted on Africa, perfectly completes our portfolio of solutions and allows us to better cover all the needs of our clients.

Hyosung has been developing its ATMs division for 40 years. Over the years, Hyosung has grown its R&D department to develop its range of ATMs as widely as possible with powerful and innovative features. This is how the cash processing modules are all developed and produced by Hyosung, from the cash dispenser module to the recycler, including the deposit.

After reaching the first place in the US, Hyosung naturally got international ambitions. Each continent is now equipped with a bridgehead with thousands of Hyosung ATMs already in the field, as it’s the case in Europe with the United Kingdom, or in Africa with Nigeria. Beyond these strong bases, Hyosung has already conquered dozens of countries and is now seeking to establish its presence in all countries.


Africa is not (yet) the world’s largest market, but its growth is impressive. This market of more than 50 countries is strongly impregnated by the use of cash, while being under-equipped with ATMs. New practices are emerging, mixing telephony, cash and ATMs. In this context of innovation and adaptation, Hyosung is extremely well placed to seduce the African market by its wide range and the performance of its machines in an environment marked by hard operating conditions and very low banknotes quality.

This is how Hyosung penetrated in Nigeria to become the new reference of the country, with thousands of installed ATMs and millions of transactions per month.


Through Hyosung France, Exatec Group and Hyosung TNS worked to establish a distributor contract on a large part of the African continent, building on the experience gained by Exatec Group for more than 15 years in Africa, and with business in over 40 countries. This contract complements Hyosung’s coverage to address the African market as closely as possible.


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