Exatec Group



As a vendor independent supplier, we offer a wide range of quality and brands of ATMs and spare parts. Our new selection of ATMs includes brands such as Hyosung, NCR and Diebold Nixdorf.
Additionally, we provide an extensive range of Renewed and Tested and Working NCR and Diebold Nixdorf at unmatched prices. Our goal is to offer alternative hardware solutions at the best price possible with the confidence of a great guarantee. Let us help you with your next quote and a best price guarantee!
Our stock includes over 100,000 spare parts for Cash out, Cash-In, and Recycler models across brands such as NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Hyosung and Glory. This supply enables us to rapidly fulfill our client’s immediate requests with quality and inexpensive options. In addition, our experience providing spare parts globally has educated us on logistical preparedness, customs processes, and accurate expectation setting to help our partners efficiency, productivity and output!


We understand the value of quick response time! Therefore, our spare parts team will offer immediate availability, reactivity, and problem-solving support to help you best serve your customers. In addition, our technical consultants are available to provide suggestions and guidance remotely throughout your projects.

4 qualities of parts and warranties

  • New = Platinium – 6 months warranty
  • Renewed = Gold (fully refurbished)- 6 months warranty
  • Tested and working = Silver (cleaned and functional) -1 month warranty
  • As is = Bronze (complete but not tested)-no warranty

Best price guarantee

  • Our goal is to always provide a best price possible and guaranty the quality of our work.


  • Our range of consumables offers top quality at competitive prices and are hand selected from the best global suppliers in the market.
  • Stock includis belts, rollers, magnetic heads, cables, ribbons, paper roles, etc.

Your ATM fleet is an important part of your business and we understand that. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of quality ATMs to help you manage or replace your existing fleets. We offer Cash-In, Deposit, and Recycler models across brands such as NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, and Hyosung in 4 conditions: New, Re-newed, Tested and Working, and As is.

New ATMs (Platinium): 
Machines are still in the box and include all original wrapping and protection from manufactures.
Renewed ATMs (Gold):
Machines are fully refurbished internally and externally with original colors. All consumables are changed and new modules are added where necessary to ensure optimal performance. 3 layers of testing is performed across two quality control teams to guarantee performance.
Tested and Working (Silver):
Product is deeply analyzed, modules are all tested and complete, dysfunctional consumables are changed, and unit is cleaned to ensure full functionality.
As Is (Bronze):
These machines are intended mainly as test machines or machines that are going to be refurbished onsite by local technicians. Exatec Group inspects the unit visually and ensures that models are in place/complete to ensure that the machine is functioning or capable of functioning.


Hyosung : 5700 and 5700T

Diebold Nixdorf

ProCash : 1500xe USB, 2050xe USB, 2100xe USB, 2150xe USB

Opteva : 520, 522, 560, 562, 760

Cineo : 2040, 2550, 2560, 4060


Persona : 5877, 5886, 5887

Selfserv : 6622, 6625, 6626, 6634, 6636

For 20 years, Exatec Group has been providing world-class expertise and support to its customers. Through our know-how, reliability, and innovative business practices, we have been helping our partners optimize the use of their transaction terminals to better service their clients and stabilize the future of their business.
The success that we have achieved in our hardware business all starts with our production processes.  Our team of technician’s undergo rigorous training and certification courses across all major brands of suppliers to ensure that they are equipped to excel in their everyday roles and responsibilities. They inspect, analyze, and hand-pick all machines in our warehouse and classify based on renewing needs.

Our optimized renovation process is as followed:

  • Hand pick machines from major global banks
  • Complete dismantling of machine
  • Recycling and disposing of dysfunctional parts and consumables
  • Machine sanding of outside and inside shell of ATM
  • Deep vapor cleaning of machines
  • Painting of 2 layers of water and rust resistant coatings
  • Thorough reconditioning of modules
  • Replacement of all consumables
  • Individual 3-layer test of each module
  • Reassemble of machines
  • Final test and inspection and configuration validation by quality control team
  • Packaged for shipping by logistics team

The range of services offered by our technicians include:

  • ATM Customization: Application of unique and brand specific stickers, personalized repainting inside and outside, and installation of add on accessories (cameras, etc).
  • Addition of secondary locks or combinations for added security
  • Customization of safe type (CEN 3,4,L,UL)
  • Optimal reconditioning of modules
  • Replacement of consumables
  • Supply of consumables such as rolls of papero Repair or renewing of your existing machines
We have full confidence in our work and strive to deliver quality units and parts to our customers. As a result, we offer up to a 5-year warranty backed by ongoing remote technician support. Please allow us to help you get more for your money with full confidence. In addition, our standard warranties are indicated below.
  • New ATMs = Platinium – 3 – months standard warranty up to 5 years on extra warranty
  • Renewed ATMs = Gold – 3 – months standard warranty up to 5 years on extra warranty
  • Test-and working ATMs = Silver – 1 – month warranty
  • As is = Bronze – no warranty
  • Exclusions: vandalism, theft, fire