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Say yes to the reuse of ATMs, 7 reasons to convince you


Exatec Group offers refurbished ATMS and spare parts from leading brands such as Diebold Nixdorf, Wincor Nixdorf, NCR and Hyosung. Over the last twenty years, this SME from Menton has become a key player in the refurbishment industry thanks to the know-how and expertise of its teams and the quality of its customer service. Every year, hundreds of ATMs and thousands of spare parts are refurbished by Exatec Group.

 Here is a list of 7 arguments to make you adopt refurbishment:


The quality of Exatec Group ATMs:

The manufacturing process developed by the company guarantees its customers reliable, long-lasting and quality products. To guarantee customer satisfaction, Exatec Group has established rigorous internal quality controls.  The company has a test room dedicated to the validation of parts. Numerous test benches and diagnostic software are used to ensure the final control of the services. The sales/purchase follow-up, the traceability of articles (controls, refurbishment...), the customer management... are ensured by an ERP optimised internally by our IT department.

All reconditioned parts are checked and validated before shipment. This allows Exatec Group to guarantee a satisfaction rate of close to 95%.


Lower prices:

Save money by purchasing Exatec Group's refurbished ATMs that are 20-60% cheaper than those on the new market. Each dispenser and spare part is 100% functional, they have everything brand new except the price. 


More spare parts available:

Exatec Group has more than 100,000 spare parts in stock and even consumables. The company offers parts that may not be available for sale from manufacturers because they are no longer produced.



Delivery times:

Save time, delivery times are reduced, thanks to an optimisation of the remanufacturing process, at Exatec Group count 7 working days for the complete refurbishment of an ATM (including packaging). For spare parts, the average time is about 5 days.

To ensure that our customers receive the best possible international delivery, our logistics department takes care of all customs and logistics formalities.

ATM-spare parts


Exatec Group provides a 6-month guarantee for all its reconditioned products. The customer has the possibility, if he wishes, to obtain an extended guarantee on his machines, which can be extended to 5 years.


100% Customizable:

Each ATM that is produced is a customised configuration. Exatec Group's customers want their refurbished ATMs to be as close as possible to the performance of new ones, but also to their visual appearance.  Some customers also want to have their own colours, in order to stand out from the competition and attract as many users as possible to their ATMs. In order to be able to control quality and deadlines. Exatec Group has been equipped with a paint booth for years, to carry out the work in-house in continuous flow. This is an additional asset to Exatec Group's production, improving its quality, capacity and flexibility, while reducing production costs.



Working for the environment is one of Exatec Group's priorities, saving thousands of tons of natural resources every year. Reusing ATMs means giving a second life to machines that were destined to be destroyed. Give priority to reuse rather than recycling as indicated in Article L. 541-1 II of the Environmental Code. There is a hierarchy of waste treatment methods. 

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