Exatec Group



We offer innovative payment solutions that are omni channel and vendor independent.

Our solutions are designed to be flexible, simple to use, and impactful. Unlike traditional software approaches, we understand that your needs and the industry are changing and thus offer infrastructure that allows to be agile and implement value added services seamlessly, rapidly, and cost-efficiently. Built on ISO 8583 protocol, our web based protocol provides lucid and real-time visibility into all aspects of your business to help empower better business decisions driven by proactive business practices.

Our integrated software suite, Asoft, enables banks, financial institutions and independent service organizations to proactively and effectively manage both acquiring and issuing transaction channels in a fully automated, secured, and integrated web-based and vendor independent environment.
As your trusted business partner, we look forward to using our tools to help you obtain maximum efficiency, reduce operating cost, and increase revenue through the optimization of your transaction terminals and channels.
Issue tracking, video surveillance, and management system that minimizes maintenance inefficiencies and ensures that all failures are predicted, detected and fixed in a timely and efficient way.
Business Value:
Brings to life proactive issue resolution practices and a centralized and real-time view of transaction terminals to increase performance visibility and uptime.

Description and Functionalities:

  • Vendor independent solution: NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, Hyosung, Ingenico, PAX, Verifone, etc
  • Monitor ATM and POS units from a single dashboard for regional, national or global visibility.
  • Real-time insight into performance and status of units
  • Real-time alerts sent to responsible individuals per issue type as sms and/or emails.
  • Increase uptime rate through implementation of proactive business practices
  • SLA monitoring and Vendor Management Analytics
  • Identification of modules affected by issues
  • Preventative: Suggested maintenance schedules, daily warning reports, best practices, etc
  • Proactive Reporting: low cash alerts, cash mngt projections, issue alert history, etc
  • Cash Management and Forecasting
  • Algorithms based on market intelligence and historical data drive in-depth business analytics
  • Robust reports library: daily uptime rate, transaction flows, cash levels, specific denomination availability, load history, daily issue reports, etc. Reports can be filtered by regions, brands of atms, denominations, etc.

Google view of ATM and POS

  • Reports to reduce frozen money, cost of cash, cost of insurance on cash
  • Reports to provide insight into cost of idol money based on daily interest rate and to help reduce insurance cost of money in ATMs.
  • Cash projections tools and reporting- presents cash loading suggestions based on unit historical data and system algorithms.
  • Reports can be scheduled to automatically run to surface desired information effortlessly.
  • Free report development/customization based on needs of institution
  • Automatic upload of centralized transaction/EJ logs-mandatory for bank to maintain this for a certain amount of time
  • Monitor maintenance activity across all vendors
  • Tracks agreed SLA goals against actual performance
  • Monitors cash orders and refills, issue resolution status, time spent on tasks, etc
  • Proposes vendor evaluation analysis and cost optimization insight
  • Embedded escalation roadmaps to optimize resolution efforts
  • Identifies root of issues to determine if origin is network related or human error
  • Embedded video surveillance to minimize risks around contestation claims, burglary, vandalism
  • Ties images automatically to transactions on server level
Universal multi-channel payment system providing full transaction and terminal management of merchant acquiring business, including processing and booking of transactions.
Business Value:
Provides complete and cost-efficient management of merchant acquiring business, while enabling simple integration of value added services and digital banking transformation platforms to introduce new profit channels for institutions.  Additionally, drastically reduces processor costs.
Description and Functionalities :
  • Multi-vendor complete ATM and POS fleet Management, including multi-acquiring (support for many virtual payment terminals on a single physical device), regardless of fleet size
  • Management and switching of transactions of various types (purchase, cash advance, cash back, refund, pre-authorization, adjustment, void, settlement, reversal, local login, initialization etc.) made by magnetic and EMV cards, on-site, through internet or mobile devices,
  • Enablement and initiation of Value Add Services such (various bill payments, mobile top-up, voucher, on-line and offline sales, loyalty schemes, DCC etc.),
  • Real time monitoring and remote application management
  • Advanced security key management
  • Developed on 3 tier web-based ISO 8583 architecture to provide flexible platform
  • Certified by VISA/Mastercard, China Union Pay
  • Available in SAAS or Server based installation methods
  • Multi-language
  • PA DSS certified
  • Dial-up, TCP/IP, serial-TCP/IP, GPRS, CDMA
Business Value:
Integrated and complete credit, debit, pre-pad, virtual/mobile card management platform.

Description and Functionalities :

  • CRM and Loyalty
  • Campaign and marketing management
  • Full transaction/payment processing tool
  • Real-time settlement
  • Integration with Core Banking
  • Issue management
  • Instant card Issuing
  • Online Authorization, full transaction processing and integration with core banking software
  • Comprehensive merchant acquiring, including real time settlement

Asoft ATM

Vendor independent ATM terminal application providing full management of ATM acquiring business.
Business Value:
Reduce ATM Business Management cost, by simplifying the support with a unique application fitting with all models, all brands, and giving all possible functionalities.
Description and Functionalities :
  • All ATM brands/fleet are managed on one centralized solution using ISO8583, NDC+ protocol, XML and HTTPS.
  • Multi Channel
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Languages
  • Customized Electronic Journal
  • Web Based middleware Kernel Application
  • Simplified operations
  • Proactive web-based pushing of upgrades and updates
  • Enables simple and rapid implementation of new profit lines and value-added services including DCC
  • Supports various functionnalities types (e.g. cash withdrawal, cash deposit, Mobile Money, balance inquiry, reversal, partial reversal, PIN change, top-up, cardless, bill payment etc.
  • 1 license full option
  • 1 Lifetime license (linked to end users)
  • Centralized and automatic marketing and promotion management
  • Switching of transactions based on BIN and other criteria
  • PA-DSS certified

Asoft POS

Vendor independent EFT POS terminal application that provides full management of POS business including processing and booking of transactions.
Business Value:
Manage complete POS fleet from a centralized and web based-platform to increase uptime and maximize POS business results.
Description and Functionalities :
  • Vendor independent web-based application
  • Remote software updates and upgrades
  • Enables simple and rapid implementation of value added services
  • Supports various transaction types such as purchase, void, reversal, pre-authorization, manual PAN entry, refund, TIP, Quick Payment Service Transaction, loyalty transactions, mobile top-up, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment.
Business Value:
User friendly interface to expand services channels to mobile setting and thus drive adoption and grow user base.
Description and Functionalities :
  • Simple user activation and registration
  • Easy application management with no changes being required at the mobile application side
  • Integrates all added value services such as Money Transfer, NFC, Bill Payment, Top Up, Withdrawal, Online Opening account etc…
  • Rapid go live
  • Application is available under Android, IOS and Windows Phone
  • Deployment, enhancement and optimization of new services through mobile channels
  • Opening Account through mobile platform
  • At the server side – AsoftA2Z, proven software for payment terminals management (ATMs, eft-pos terminals, mobile and kiosks) is implemented
  • Works in all Mobile Networks
  • Highest security provided from end-to-end (HTTPS, 3-DES, SSL, RSA, ECC, m-PIN protection, transaction or amount limits, etc.)