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Our values make our strength

Our values make our strength

Performance Performance


Any investment needs a service in return with a top performance. Exatec Group has developped a global offer focused on the delivery of performance and its monitoring tools.
Innovation Innovation


Innovating, designing the impossible, creating features and services that can immediately fit to all the today's ATMs, not the ones that will exist in 10 years.…
Durability Durability


Your investment can only be profitable if your equipment offers the service you hope for the longest possible duration. Maintainability and upgradability then become key elements…
Green & responsible Green & responsible

Green & responsible

Exatec Group is well known for 20 years for its commitment to the circular economy, buying thousands of ATMs to give them a second life and thus helping to save our planet.

Exatec Group , official distributor of Hyosung TNS

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Exatec Group , official distributor of Hyosung TNS

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