Exatec Group



Our software training program is personalized for each client. It is a deep knowledge transfer on the software suite with a deep understanding of the possibilities.

Implementation support

All our implementation is end to end support, from Proof of concept until the go live including personalized documentation. Every implementation is unique and request a dedicated project manager. We also provide multi language support. We already experienced complex implementation with the major existing systems in the industry.

Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring

Based on our 20 Years of experience in the industry and our footprint in 109 countries, we would able to empower your business with the best solution and share the best practice on each part of the systems and procedure.


We have a strong experience on remote support and training. For more reactivity, we develop our support knowledge on remote action to be able to assist you in more than 100 countries.


In Exatec Group, our goal is to empower our partner by giving an onsite knowledge transfer. Onsite training allows Exatec Group to customize the solutions considering the environment.



We share 20 years of experience in the worldwide ATM industry with our partners on all main brands and all technologies. Our wide network helps us to find the best cost efficient solution to a specific challenge. Our support is personalized to each client regarding his needs in French or in English. Our technical trainings are located in our facilities (French Riviera) but can also be done onsite considering the client environment.

We adapt our training course depending on client demand and on trainee’s levels:

  • Maintenance level 1 (Captured Card / Jammed noted / Ticket or journal jammed)
  • Maintenance level 2 (Onsite service maintenance)
  • Maintenance level 3 (Refurbishment and repair center)
All our training are physical manipulation around one test ATM for practice and issue cases. During these knowledge transfer we will reproduce all the current problem that can happen on the field and teach the trainee to resolve it by themselves. A certificate is deliver at the end of the session.
Our team are available on phone, skype, WhatsApp, remote control, video for support but it is also possible to have an audit mission for best practice and performance evaluation.

Preferred Partner Program

Software and Hardware maintenance is always an ongoing task and at times you are only as successful as the support that you have! For that reason, we want to equip you with the resources and partnership perks that you need to be successful. Join us as a preferred partner and enjoy the benefits below:
  • Ongoing Training, mentoring, and consulting support
  • Cross-vendor certification
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Priority support
  • Expedited shipping
  • Prolonged warranty
  • Co-marketing agenda
  • Co-development of products and services
  • Sales discounts
  • Dedicated regional partner award
  • Onsite visit to Menton, France